Do not use this product!

Norton Personal Firewall / Internet Security is worst kind of software, which treats you as in “you’re a stupid looser and we will take your hand and guide you through that spam-infested hacking mayhem called Internet”.

Symantec deserves the worst possible kicking in the ass imaginable. No, there is no link to them, because they should be banned from the Internet, not linked to.

I have written before about the problems this thing can create for any web designer, but what I’m reading now is really pissing me off. Lets see…

Any graphic of standard banner or display ad size is removed from the source code of the page by NPFW/IS2004. So far we’ve identified that whenever the following sizes…


120x90 468x60

234x60 120x60


…appear within the image tags the image is removed.

Beautiful. If you happen to have any image of this size, even having nothing to do with ads, it will be removed from the page source code.

Hey Symantec: will you be answering my customers’ questions like “your site is not displaying properly on…?”, “I don’t see the illustrations; why?” and many other similar? I’m quite positive that you don’t care about those - they are not in your backyard. Toss the ball to content creators, while you keep boasting how you “increase online productivity”.

Further reading at the same page reveals that NPF/IS is removing links from Google’s AdWords but not from Overture’s service of the same kind. They forgot about it, maybe? Yeah, right. Sold-out suckers that deserve the eternal contempt.

Hey Symantec: I’m not a mindless creature. I know what an ad is. Give me an option to easily add it to my filters (as normal people do). Do not, and I mean NOT, decide this for me.