Best vacation ever

This was one probably the best vacation I ever head. Sea su*ks. Mountain ruleZ! Never in my life I felt so refreshed after such a short break. Just 9 days of hill hiking was enough to charge my batteries over the top.

I have so much ideas what I wanna do, that I have no idea when I’m gonna finish all that. :)

I wanted to post photos, but I realized I don’t have good place for them here. I’m thinking about changin’ the host, changin’ the blog tool, changin’ the design (not because everyone else did, mind you)… What’s keeping me from all of that is that there are plenty of commercial work that piled up, as well as ugly, choking Belgrade air that kills my work entuisiasm.

In the meantime, I’m working on next version of ADxMenu. How the things are going, it seems like I’m trying to do the impossible…