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After missing the morning flight to Vienna (I saw the Vie-Dub flight time as Beg-Vie time), and travel agency finding new route to/from over Frankfurt airport, I arrived to Dundalk, mid-point from Dublin to Belfast. Dundalk is nice little town, home to golf course where Irish Open was held, few days ago.

I stayed in FairWays hotel, which I highly recommend - great rooms, excellent service, good bar and two restaurants and fantastic garden. All of that is in stark contrast to the sign at the hotel’ rooftop, which is horrible and acts as real turn-off for anyone simply passing by.

Over 1000 of spam messages in under 5 days

Three-day visit to Ireland was very nice, especially with weather being very nice. Temps were around 20 degrees, while in the Belgrade it was searing hot with over 35. Business was conducted quickly and satisfactory, for both sides, and I had few hours of free time to look around Dublin. Not much time, so I mostly went through city centre. Next time, hopefully better.

Now I’m back, and I got the lovely info in Magic Mail Monitor of having 1332 emails (for 4.5 days). After cleaning up, I was left with only 294 (majority of them being from css-d). Thanks to my good friend Dejan Vesic’s fine page about setting up proper filters for MMM, only about 10-12 of spams got through, which was easily killed.