Just this week, in your city…er, life. I finally got another week off. This year this is 3rd time I got 1-week leave. First time I was at my flat in Belgrade, working as usual on various home projects (this and some other web sites), like I was not on a vacation at all.

In July, I got my first real holiday after 2 years. I went at my girlfriend’s house in Montenegro - 7 days of sea, walks and rest. Really good and memorable. And now again, I went to real vacation. I’m at home in Pirot (300km south-east of Belgrade), visiting parents and some old friends, and preparing updates for personal sites.

Even it might seem that I’m working again, I’m not. This is actually quite fun. I help my mom make cookies, work with my father in vine cellar (we make excellent home grown red wine) and when I’m free I work on this.

I wish it’s always like this.