Lord of the Rings

Standing ovations.

I was at the serbian premiere of the Return of the King, and I’m still euphoric. Last part is absolute master-piece. Of the three films, this part is most faithful to the book (with inevitable changes needed for cinematic experience), but that is not why I think is great. I had so much adrenaline built in me waiting for this film, that I would feel really down if it was anything but grand.

And it really, really is. Slow build up of the tension until the moment of battle at the Pelleanor Fields. My goodness, how fantastic that was. Agony of Faramir and Pippin practically singing the lament for him. Despair both in Gondor and Rohan, defiance, sense of honor in Men when facing certain death. Courage of the Rohirrim and overrunning the Orc hordes and fear in the Orc’s eyes. Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King Clinging on the thread of the hope.

Friendship. Devotion. Never letting go, for no matter what. Heart-breaking Samwise Gamgee.

Just writing this brings me on the verge of tears. Never, ever has any film draw me so much into itself. Peter, Philipa, Fran and Weta created the films that would be hard to surpass. Can’t wait to see it again. And again… And…