Big cat has arrived

This should be clasified under Techs, but….

Today, I bought my first ever Mac (actually my company did, but those are minor details). It’s a beatyful iBook G4 (933MHz 14.1"), with Panther OS. I have never used (or seen) Mac before, and this was quite a revelation for me.

I played with it less then an hour, but I already want (cherish) one for home. It loads quickly (sligthly faster than my Athlon 2.4GHz Win) and shutdowns quickly. That is where the similarity stops.

As Apple’s commercials says - this just works. I pluged the network cable in and imidiatelly went to System Prefs to set it up; imagine my jaws dropping when I realized that it has done that already! Never, ever, I experienced something like that on Windows. Jolly good. (Yes, we have a all-Windows network here, so that is why I expected that special is needed).

Setting up international keyboard and stuff (Serbian cyrillic) was a breeze, and it works rather cleverly - only Unicode apps will be able to use that, all other will US. Etc, etc…

That is why this post goes to Life category. I have a feeling I got something that works for me, always.

I have yet to work with it and enjoy doing that. More over….all my scripts and sites will now be retested and debuged in all Mac browsers. How kewl is that. :)