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Can you place layers over flash files or drop downs?

It is a known fact that some browsers can’t draw layers (absolutely positioned) over Flash files or drop-down boxes. To see why that happens, refer to my first WCH post, which was my first tackle with this problem.

Now, after extensive testing in several Windows and Mac browsers, I have much better picture how all this works.

Going cross-platform

This revision of the script & style is rather small (hence the small version increment) but it adds important compatibility with Mac browsers. I’ve tested it on Mac OS 10.3, in Safari 1.1, IE 5.2.3, Firebird and Camino 0.7, Opera 6.03 and OmniWeb 4.5. Also tested on IE 5.1.7 on Mac OS 9 but very lightly as it appears that that one has identical behavior to 5.2.3. If you find differences, please let me know.

CSS is slightly changed, and simplified in a way; more like streamlined, free from unneccesary style rules. I also returned WinXP style example - it needed change in IE-related script to work properly. Fixing this has side effect that item icons can be used again.

I provided download links for each example menu style, so you can play around and reuse them.


Treebeard saves Merry and Pippin from Old Willow

I just finished watching Extended Edition of The Two Towers.

It is totaly amazing.

42 mins of additional footage really fill-in the gaps. When I watched the original movie, I felt that some things are missing, that story cuts too quick to some scenes. I was also puzzled why have Peter Jackson and co. did some things.

Lots of spoilers follow - do not read if you prefer to see it fresh and new.

Hack: To or not to

Ever since Peter-Paul Koch put online his [quirksmode] web site, his opinions caused quote a stir in web design community. He openly opposes most of the techniques and guidelines many of us advise.

In the Keep it simple column at Digital Web, PPK published an article where he advised developers to avoid the use of hacks, since some new browser version might fix the bug used for hack but not fix the very behavior you are trying to hack.

In the latest article, PPK posted a list of CSS hacks that could be considered safe, since they apply to dead browsers (NN4, IE5/Mac), and dismissing anything else, since the “live” browsers are updated and can fall into a trap he explained in the original article.

I agree with the point about new browser versions and bug fixing. Yes, that can happen. And that’s all I agree with.