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Living with css-discuss

Several months ago, when I turned serious about CSS-based design and structural markup, I joined the css-discuss list. Most of the known names were there and I could learn a lot just by reading what other people said. Here and there, I responded to other people’s troubles.

It was fine until I got into a very busy period, working dozens of hours a day. Sheer amount of daily e-mails from the list, which can go from 40 to over 100 takes up at least 1-2h a day, if you really want to read and understand what is said. I just don’t have that time.

I tried several things.

  • Keep collecting. Read on weekends.
    Worked right until the moment I realized my girlfriend was about to kill me. I worked my a*s of on working days, and read (and learned) on the weekends. You get the picture.

  • Scan through, move the ones that seem useful to Good ones sub folder. Read when time permits.
    Problematic when you copy just one or two e-mails in a longer thread and can’t grasp the problem at hand after 2-3 weeks. Also, I now have a folder with over 150 e-mails, just barely scratched.

  • Re-edit good ones, changes subject to smth meaningful. Copy to Cleaned library folder. Delete all else.
    This worked OK for a while. It still takes 20-50 mins/day, but that is bearable. Just until I had so much work that I missed 3 days of doing this and I had to work on 200 e-mails. Also, there is no way I could contribute to the list by doing this.

I can only admire people that actually have time to copy the problematic code, find a solution and post an answer. People like Mike Landis, Zoe Gillenwater, Big John & Holly Bergevin and many more I just can’t remember at the moment.

I don’t how they manage to do it, but they deserve eternal gratitude.

How do you do it?

Installing RAID 0...

Last 4 days I was doing only one thing: trying to install Windows on Serial-ATA discs. I bought two Seagate’s new 80GB Baracuda discs in order to use them in stripped mode (RAID 0). As a matter of precaution, I installed latest BIOSes for the Abit NF7-S motherboard, version .21.

Accidentally, that also installed new BIOS for SiliconImage SATA RAID adapter (version .43). That was a huge mistake. Apparently, there’s a bug in that BIOS that disables Windows Win2k3 to boot from stripped set. If you install on separate discs, all goes well.

Funniest thing is that Windows install goes OK up until the moment it needs to restart to continue. Then it just hangs.

After many searches on Google and Abit forums (I posted a question here) there was not a single answer that resolved the problem.

It finally got into my mind to try different BIOS. So I reverted to Abit mobo BIOS version .19 which reverted RAID adapter BIOS to .12 and - behold the miracle - all went well. Silicon Image managed to screw up working BIOS routine between versions. And they claim that .43 is the last version for that particular adapter. Lovely.

After those frustrating days, I can now enjoy significantly quicker disk subsystem - apps loads quickly, Win is up quicker then ever…

I knew it would be quick, I just did not expected to spend that much time on a perfectly stupid issue.

Lord of the Rings

Standing ovations.

I was at the serbian premiere of the Return of the King, and I’m still euphoric. Last part is absolute master-piece. Of the three films, this part is most faithful to the book (with inevitable changes needed for cinematic experience), but that is not why I think is great. I had so much adrenaline built in me waiting for this film, that I would feel really down if it was anything but grand.

And it really, really is. Slow build up of the tension until the moment of battle at the Pelleanor Fields. My goodness, how fantastic that was. Agony of Faramir and Pippin practically singing the lament for him. Despair both in Gondor and Rohan, defiance, sense of honor in Men when facing certain death. Courage of the Rohirrim and overrunning the Orc hordes and fear in the Orc’s eyes. Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King Clinging on the thread of the hope.

Friendship. Devotion. Never letting go, for no matter what. Heart-breaking Samwise Gamgee.

Just writing this brings me on the verge of tears. Never, ever has any film draw me so much into itself. Peter, Philipa, Fran and Weta created the films that would be hard to surpass. Can’t wait to see it again. And again… And…