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Drop-up menu

Due to popular request (hi xeon :), I have updated the examples with the drop-up version. This is useful if you want to place the menus in the page footer.

This is the only important part:

/* fix the position */

#menu li ul {

  bottom: 1.5em;

  left: 0;


#menu li li ul {

  bottom: 0;

  left: 100%;


1.5em is just an example value. You need to modify it according to menu make-up (as shown in the examples).

New, improved blog

As you can see, there were some subtle and some not so subtle changes here.

My initial information architecture (IA) for this site was crap. My intention was to focus on the scripts I do and some occasional post on other subjects. At that time, I thought that I wouldn’t have time to write too much, like some other literary maniacs in blogosphere.

I still don’t have so much time to write, but there is a decent number of entries here. So, when you jump into Techs or Life categories, you’ll see several pages of entries. Sparks entries were a separate blog, where ADxMenu, WCH and other stuff were located. I used a great deal of MT plugins to make them all work together, and did not quite successed.

It was time for a change.

Now, all entries and categories resides in one blog. That meant exporting entries from Sparks blog and importing them into Moments. That caused all sparks URLs to break. Since that were the most linked pages, I wrote a custom 404 page, informing whoever comes about the change.

That’s only half the work. I need to go through all of my entries and correct my own links (although the 404 page deals with that too). This is a tedious process, which will take a while…Any help greatly appreciated.

New IA and some U

I have dozens of categories now, with some of the entries archived in more then one. I intend to leave the Techs and Life categories as the primary ones, but assigning additional categories as well. I hope this will prove more useful when you need to locate an entry on particular subject.

Respect & Learn section at the left is broken into three sections, with more links (and more coming).

On the usability side, I added a little script that will fetch the viewport size and expand the right column until the end. This does not work in IE, for reasons beyond me at the moment. All other scripts (apart from MT ones) are removed.

I changed the style too, so the text size is resizable in IE/Win too (using body:76% and p:1em trick). There are other subtle changes, like adding A+ logo as list bullet. I will continue to add more changes like that.

With appologies for many broken links, I hope this will actually improve the site usefulness.

Moment in the life of...

Sure signs of work overload…

From: zz

Fatal Error: No DOCTYPE specified!

I could not parse this document, because it does not include a DOCTYPE Declaration. A DOCTYPE Declaration is mandatory for most current markup languages and without such a declaration it is impossible to validate this document.

—–Original Message—–

From: yy


all_busy BOOLEAN := ‘TRUE’



exit when all_busy = FALSE;

end loop;



—–Original Message—–

From: xx

Meeting and possible solution on monday; all busy;

Syntax error near symbol ‘;’ , expecting ‘.’ and IE freeze

When I tried to implement ADxMenu on the client website, I was greeted with very unpleasant behavior. On the very long page or complicated page, IE would freeze for a period of 10-15s. Download stops, but it does not give you the control over page until it finishes processing. Don’t know what exactly it’s doing, but I guess it might be going through complete document tree, for each new hover rule. Or I could be spitting nonsense.

Whatever it is, it was unbearable. Hence the version 2b.

I didn’t do anything spectacular. First, I reincarnated the double style rules - one for IE, one for all other:

#menu li:hover,

* html #menu li.<strong>iehover</strong> {



Then in the script, for each li element, I added the class changing code, shown here and there over the Net:

oMenuLI.onmouseover = function() {

    this.className += " iehover";


oMenuLI.onmouseout = function() {

    this.className = 

        this.className.replace(" iehover", "");


All else is identical to existing menus. For those who want to have perfectly valid CSS files, this script is the way to go.

I took the opportunity to implement WCH3. All 2.x examples are updated to use WCH3 and latest corresponding versions of ADxMenu script.