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iOS bits and pieces

Four variants of drop-down menu

It seems like years…


Having established (or so I thought) the basis for good, versatile, menu system, I figured it’s about time to make it truly powerful. I wanted it to:

  • be placed anywhere and to open-up in any direction

  • work in CSS2-capable browsers and IE5+/Win

  • provide b-version script for use with other browsers (mostly IE5/Mac)

  • circumvent the drop-down problem on IE/Win

  • avoid scroll bars upon page load (while menus are hidden)

  • prevent IE from drawing tall submenus over prev/next parent menu options

Well, I did all that, and I did none of that.

Centered, framed layout

Recently I come up with one interesting layout, which proved quite useful. I needed to simulate good old frames, but using CSS over semantic markup. Basic goals:

  • liquid layout

  • totally centered (both ways) on the page, with possibility of custom margin

  • possibility to add static footer

  • no limit on scrollable columns/rows

I looked at excellent resources about CSS frames and centered and/or fixed positioning, all available on the net, but none really suited my needs. Either lacking or way too complicated. So, here is mine - centered framed layout.

I tested it and it works in NN7.1, Firefox 0.9, Camino 0.8, WinIE 5.01+, Opera 7.51, Safari 1.2. I tested it and it fails in IE5/Mac (horribly) and Opera 6 (less horrible). Both can be circumvented, but I don’t need that. So, let me indulge myself and explain how it works…

Best vacation ever

This was one probably the best vacation I ever head. Sea su*ks. Mountain ruleZ! Never in my life I felt so refreshed after such a short break. Just 9 days of hill hiking was enough to charge my batteries over the top.

I have so much ideas what I wanna do, that I have no idea when I’m gonna finish all that. :)

I wanted to post photos, but I realized I don’t have good place for them here. I’m thinking about changin' the host, changin' the blog tool, changin' the design (not because everyone else did, mind you)… What’s keeping me from all of that is that there are plenty of commercial work that piled up, as well as ugly, choking Belgrade air that kills my work entuisiasm.

In the meantime, I’m working on next version of ADxMenu. How the things are going, it seems like I’m trying to do the impossible…

Summer vacation in sight

Ok, I’m (almost) off.

After several years, I’ll finally have two weeks of holiday. Two weeks in one piece! Hehe. Just in case I don’t get myself into some kind of work, I’ll spend 8 days on the mountain of Zlatibor, with no computer and no mobile.

Total switch-off.


First few days I’ll be going to Pirot (my home town) to see my parents and to be present on my mom’s birthday. Again, with no computer access - company' iBook will stay in the office this time.

When I’m back, I hope I will have some new things to offer…like next version of ADxMenu which still eludes me. More precisely, the PoC is getting the best of me, for now.