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I believe that every last one of you reading this page have read Doug Bowman’s Throwing Tables Out the Window and wondered what exactly he did to make CSS-based. I know I did.

Doug did not want to release the makeover code without speaking to Microsoft first. I don’t quite dig that, since there were numerous make-overs done in the past, with open-hearted approach. I doubt that someone will spend a weekend re-doing anyone’s web site simply to rub-it-up-their-nose. That’s stupid thing to do.

I wanted to test my knowledge and skills and see how quickly I can do this. It might prove useful when price-quoting similar job in the future.

Without further a do, here is the final result.

I don’t intend to explain every part of this, I just want to emphasize some of the most interesting issues.

I have a new monitor

LG 1730B

Two days ago I bought LG 1730B (full name is 1730BSNH), beautiful silver 17" TFT monitor.

While you can check the specs at the LG site, it is hard to translate them into real experience. How colours really look like, display quality, how eyes react to …

I prefer to keep my sight as long as possible, so I was never saving on monitors. I had 17" CRT monitor, exceptional Belinea 103070. I bought it 5 years ago and it supports 1280x1024@85Hz and 1600x1200@75Hz. The visible size was slightly less than 16" and the highest resolution I could use for text-editing/coding was 1152x864.

I intentionally passed the first few waves of price drops and waited for things to mature. This panel has 12ms response time, which should be more than enough for fast-paced games, as well as regular work.

As expected, the colours are different and subtle differences (like #fff and #f5f5f5) are almost impossible to notice. It has calibration options, although I usually don’t go through that. I’m lazy. :)

Display stability is amazing even with 75Hz for screen refresh. Monitor auto-adjusts the resolution to optimal settings on a single button click. It has numerous options to fine-tune the display, but auto works perfectly. It also has day and night modes for text, movie and photo.

The swivel is great. Panel can be moved up/down and back/front so it can be positioned any way you like it.

All in all, after two days of work, I’m more than happy with it. TFT 17" has larger visible area than CRT counterpart, so I can now freely use 1280x1024 - pixels are not to small.

Worth it

Paul Scrivens writes “…I am still sure there are some of you out there thinking that no matter how hard you follow each and everyone of those guidelines you still can’t seem to get the traffic you think you deserve or want…”. So he is asking people to send in the URLs that should be made more known. Even asking people to suggest their own blogs. Heh…

When I started my blog, I was eager to get connected to all these wonderful people, whose blogs I have read for some time. I spent countless night hours learning MT tags. Couldn’t wait to finish the design in time, so I posted several entries on a paperish design, with nothing but text and few colours. I wrote as much as I could. Even delayed some work at few occasions, simply to keep up the flow of posts.

I was hoping that some of the stuff I did (mostly ADxMenu and WCH) will get me lots of visitors, people that will regularly read, either directly or through RSS feed. That did not really materialized, and over time I lost interest in everyday blogging.

At one particular moment, there was a pile of work to clear up, lots of issues I wanted to tackle in blog posts, lots of personal things that demanded my attention. I tried to do all of that and burned-out.

So I went to vacation, and then deliberately did nothing but my regular office work. And lived. For more than few months, I’m a much happier blogger. Important lesson I learned is that my blog is not my life and not my business. My life is in another dimension. And work is coming to me, blog or not.

I’m not closing this up. Not a chance. I simply changed my approach. I post when I like to, when I want to. Sometime I will write twice a day, sometime twice a month. But the important thing is know what your priorities are.

Batman. (Maybe) a good one.


It seems that the next Batman movie will finally be the good one. The crew is very, very promising, I only hope that the script do them justice. Michael Kane, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman. Add Ken Watanabe as villain and it sure looks very good. What else to say…

Ah yes…Christian Bale. If you have seen Equilibrium, then you already know that this must be good. Equilibrium is fantastic movie, with great story and some of the best action scenes I have seen in years. It can clearly be compared to The Matrix, especially because of the lobby scenes. I have a hard time choosing between the two. But there is one particular move by Bale at the end that has already been copied, most notably in Underworld. I won’t tell what it is. Watch the movie, it’s great.

I can only hope that Batman Begins will be that good.