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Why I use WordPress now

About one month ago, I spent each evening in the course of one week, fidling with Movable Type 3.11, TextPattern 1.0RC1 and WordPress 1.2.1. Idea was to check the features and choose the one I will upgrade to. My goals were to:

Use dynamic publishing

I grew weary of daily, slow static republishing using MT 2.6x, each time when one spamming whore managed to pass through MT-Blacklist

Use nice URLs

I have changed my URLs once and realized I did brake a lot of links while doin' nothing to make them easier to guess. I want to use /category/post-title/

Build custom templates

I want to craft my own way of index and archives display + have enough freedom to build custom pages for examples

These are the impressions I wrote back then.

New attire

While working on new IA and changing blog software and server, I decided to redesign the web site. While I really love the old design, I felt that it was time for a change. Main reason was that I could not find a suitable place to present my works, like ADxMenu AND WCH, or some of the notable site designs. Thus the new design, dubbed steel-blood (don’t bother, swords are my soft spot).

With large amounts of work I do daily, there are only sparks of creativity left in me, at the end of the day. So I did not gambled much when opting for simple three and two column designs. In time, I will carefully add subtle details that should make it unique, but for now, this should do.

The number of photos (currently 16) at the top will increase as time passes. This blog is named aplus moments and those photos are some of the a+ moments in my life. This whole look & feel may look sombre and heavy. I like it like that, these days. It’s raining here.


SEO consultants and experts always trigger “fog-salesman” alert in my head. I had my share of grudge with various people promising to my clients quick rise of rating on search engine reports, easy inclusion of 500 different search engines etc. Anil Dash showed that there is nothing that can replace good content. Write good content, and people will link to you. Have dispersed links, and you will be placed higher.

Additionally, mark that content to be semantically correct. You will certainly have lighter code and SE will find it easier to index your pages. We all knew this by heart or believed that this is the case. However, I recently got a confirmation of this.

Drawings as desktops

I wanted to place one of the drawings as desktop background, but to make it seamlessly integrate (not to look so ugly as in the post). Looking for solution, I stumbled into one very effective filter in Photoshop CS (not sure is this included in earlier versions).