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I first heard about gravatars about five or six months ago. Idea of having one image shared among many blogs so you can easily recognize the poster is very good. When you publish an image beside your words, you give more strength to those words. While some people are widely known with just a name and the way they sign comments, for the overwhelming majority of people I have a hard time remembering who they are.

If you put an image next to your comments, and you use that image in all places you visit, you increase the possibility of people remembering you and more importantly - remembering what you said. It forces you to think about what you write. Of course you can change the gravatar and try to hide the past, but that’s what wankers do.

My gravatar

So this blog now recognizes gravatars. You can see mine displayed here - yes, that is really me :), in the F1 cockpit, with few pit babes, taken last year in Silverstone. Michelin did a great marketing gig there, and the waiting line to step into the cockpit stayed long throughout the weekend.

Welcome to the limelight.

Open source mine

The root of this rant is an epic journey of installing A and P from the LAMP fraternity, for the sole purpose of testing mod_rewrites.

New server. Nice permalinks. Lots of headache.

If you were wondering why was my site off for so long, read on. I have changed hosting providers twice, changed the design, changed the blog software, change the whole platform.

I also hacked my way to nice clean URLs you see, and if my mod_rewrite rules are correct, the old URLs should silently redirect you the new ones. Please update your bookmarks.

Westciv award

About two months ago, Westciv decided to celebrate six years of StyleMaster with template competition. Goal was to design site template in desktop, print and handheld categories. As it happens, I’m used to regularly create all three of them. :) Using one of the runner-up graphic designs for my previous blog look, I quickly had it done, in a matter of few days, with the usual testing rounds with Mac browsers, handheld simulators and similar stuff.

From the URL, it seems I’m the third contestant that sent an entry and there were 49 entries in the end. Having entered so early, I’m even more happy that my work reached 2nd runner-up place.

Forest template for StyleMaster 4

Now that contest is over, I want to briefly point few things that can be found in templates I did.