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Tabs revisited

About one year ago, I published two posts dealing with creation of tabs out of unordered lists. Nested tabs or two-level navigation was about one line of tabs + subtabs for each, with active (selected) item. Variable tabs were one-line navigation, were some items have different design.

Back then, I knew that none of them was perfect, but it suited my needs and I left them be. One year is the long time though, especially in the fast-blossoming field of CSS design. New tricks were discovered since then and it was time to update that code. I had some time to do it now.

Both tabs examples are improved and works almost perfect. Unneeded markup (like clearing div) is removed in both cases.

Tip: input sizing in IE

Weekend discovery (could be hot water for some)…Look at this example page. No CSS at all is applied to the first line of input fields. input { font-size: 1em; } is applied to the second line.

Now, open this in IE, and try setting your default text size to Largest and then to Smallest. You will see that first two fields do not change their size at all, while the second two obey. In few other browsers I tried, this does not happen.

What exactly is the core of the problem is unknown to me. One guess is that IE sets the predefined field size in pixels, and it is known fact that IE can’t resize pixels. When the unit is changed to ems, it works as you expect.

No matter what is the cause, this is the issue to watch for.

Disk Order

Disk Order is the product of russian LikeMac Group. Version Tracker says it had 2.5k downloads so far, which is a small number for such a great and promising app.

The authors say that they looked upon Total Commander when they built their app. It could not have been done any other way, really. TC is now at version 6.03, it’s stable application with proven concept.

I work faster on Win than Mac

I worked with iBook G4 lately and was using it as a development machine for urgent work. My main environment is Windows 2003, so this was the chance to compare the two OS in full productivity mode. My usual working setup is file manager + HTML/CSS editor + FTP software + one or two browsers + whatever I need (like Photoshop). On Win, that means Total Commander (has built-in FTP), TopStyle Pro, Firefox and IE. On Mac, it’s SubEthaEdit or Dreamweaver, Finder, RBrowserLite, Safari.