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After unsuccessful try to buy it in USA (it was sold-out in Florida’s Millenia Apple Store), a friend bought it for me in Apple’s Regent Store in London UK. £99 for the 1GB version. Why so much trouble? Because it’s €180 in Belgrade. :s

iPod Shuffle

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

During recent visit to UK, I bought myself Canon PowerShot S1 IS. I wanted it ever since I read the review on They have said everything you need to know, much better than I could possibly say or test. It looks nice, like a “real” SLR camera, has 3Mpx which is just enough for an amateur like me, with two gems: 10x optical zoom and IS - Image Stabilizer.

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

License change

BY 2.0 logo

In the changes done over the weekend, there is one small, but significant. All of my works (grouped under the name Sparks) are now licensed by Creative Commons Attribution (BY) 2.0 license.

This truly allows you to use this code on any sort of web site - commercial, private, non-profit - any. The only thing you need to do is to give due credit. You can do that by:

  • linking back to my site, either from the page where you use some of the Sparks or from the about or colophon or similar page

  • retain / add the comment into respective .js or .css file

Thank you.

Rest of the content, like actual posts, photos and graphics, are fully copyrighted by me. If some specific content is published under different license, it will be noted on the page in question.

Why the change from previous BY-SA license? Well, I was regularly waving off the SA part of the license for the ADxMenu (by far the most asked about), thus I wanted to make it easy for everyone.