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Away interupt

I’m going away for three days, to conclude certain family matters.

I don’t like going away when I have many unfinished things here, but this one can’t be postponed. I have another WP theme almost completed, but not enough to be posted. I have few CSS related articles I’m writing for like over a month (but effectively only few hours). I have horrible amount of office work to clear up and this day off will really hurt me when I get back.

There are good sides too: I’ll see my mom and sis again after few months. I’ll get to play more with my new phone - Sony Ericsson T630 (black).

Sepang heat

Like I cursed him.

Giancarlo and Webber crash

Just when Giancarlo had some luck and drove good in season opener, he made an amazingly stupid error in Sepang and basically handed over the team leader role to Alonso. It was obvious that Webber was quicker, he passed GF for the full length, and yet GF did not brake in time. Stupid.

Download aplus theme

Current design of my blog is made as WP theme, but with lots of elements that would not make sense to someone else. As such, it was not suitable to be offered for download. I started working on drop-in ready theme, but did not have much time to spend on it.

WordPress theme competition, initiated by Alex King, urged me to finish this up and now you can download aplus theme and use if you like.

Click to see full screenshot

iPod Shuffle file structure

Apple has put several restrictions on the iPod Shuffle use. You can only update songs from one PC/Mac, through iTunes. You can’t copy songs from Shuffle to another PC or Mac. You can’t manually copy the songs to Shuffle (must use iTunes).

At least one of those claims is not true. For now.

Indeed, Apple’s iPod Shuffle support FAQ makes it pretty much clear. However, things are not that bad. Apple Matters has detailed the procedure for finding the songs through Mac terminal and copying them over to Mac. Let’s see how it looks like on PC.