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Spain Grand Prix

Not much of excitement in this race. Funny thing is that most duels were between team mates. At different parts of the race, both Williams, both Toyotas, both Jordans and both Renaults were driving back to back. Teams resolved the possible conflict by getting one of the drivers into the pit.

What was obvious in the last race finally materialized in this one. McLaren is the quickest beast in the field. Kimi demolished everyone else and even Montoya could be on the podium if it wasn’t for the problem with the fuel rig that cost him quite a bit of time. It was bloody well time to see Darth Vaders cheering :).

Similarly, Fisichella could be in for the podium, but the nose problem made that only wishful thinking. Alonso drove as good race as previous ones, but Renault was not on par with McLaren.

End of the road?

My long-time readers may remember that, back in the early days, ADxMenu had two versions. One that used .htc file and only one set of styles and the other that used only javascript but two sets of styles. The reason was that .htc version at that time used original Peter Nederlof’s which went through entire document looking for elements to apply :hover trickery and thus had far from good performance on very long pages.

Things changed when I recoded it to work only with menu elements and ADxMenu 3 utilized it to its fullest potential.

However, performance issues are not defeated yet. In the last project I’m working on, I have three menus on one page and two of them are very large. The page itself also features a great deal of various positioning, using both floats and pos/abs position. Accompanied with these three menus, this brings IE to its knees - it takes him 4-5s on P4-2.8GHz with half-gig of RAM to render that page and execute the .htc. 90% of that freeze time goes on .htc processing.

But not only that. Since my css applies position:relative on li:hover and thus does the actual positioning in that moment, re-rendering of the page takes some time and going from one menu option to another has a very noticeable lag. Last time I have seen such behavior was with Netscape Navigator 4. Sigh…

AllOfMP3 - how NOT to do online business

I was looking to find some MP3 files, and while searching came up on - russian online music store. They had what I was looking for, I wanted to buy it and went to register.

idiotic implementation of CAPTCHA system

Now, what the fuck is wrong in my answers? I tried several times, always getting the same message. What a great way of doing online business - by not letting people register at all.

I wanted to complain about this and inform them that it is not working properly. Yeah, right.



I noticed an interesting post over at geekchix blog - about particular open source app that lets you use two comps with one keyboard and mouse. This was exactly what I needed since my monitor has two inputs.

I bought KVM switch, but was not suitable for what I needed. I had no use for its VGA switcher, and I had USB mouse which had to be connected over USB-PS/2 converter. This caused the mouse to move the cursor on its own and second computer reported strange messages about power surging on USB port (?!).

Thus obviously this brought my attention. Synergy is small, easily configurable and works like a charm. You need to install it on both comps, setup properly and, for the easiest using set:

  • set to start automatically with Windows or when particular user login

  • set your client computers to always go to stand-by (no turn off)

  • do not require password when computer wakes up from stand-by

  • turn off mouse/keyboard check in BIOS, if you have one

And that’s about that. Simple and powerful. There are many issues in various situation but in general works very well. Now I have one KVM switch to sell…