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Hehe…I did a live upgrade to WP, simply by copying files and running upgrade.php. Apart from the hack required to remove /category/ cruft from category permalinks, everything else worked. Nice.

Upgrade to 1.5. Theme update.

I finally upgraded to WP 1.5 branch. There were several things I was hoping it would solve. First, there was annoying problem with 1.2 that under certain circumstances it would not show you a list of posts. No matter what you do in the admin, no post list. I was glad to see that after the upgrade this is resolved.

Second, more serious problem is that WP still keeps spiting out escaping backslashes inside of the PRE tags. I have no idea why this happens. I tried all the things people advice on WP support forums, without luck. Shit.

Theme update

Mon, May 30th

My appologies to everyone who downloaded new version, as it contained some of my own content, as well as affiliate links. I have updated the zip with clean files.

I had to change the theme I use. In the previous instance, I hacked the category output directly in 1.2 core files, so that post count for categories do not freaks out. Well, to avoid doing this with each upgrade, I updated the theme code so that it calls its own function. I took the opportunity to correct some colours too. As some nice people told me, my a:visited colour blended with regular text colour too much and it was hard to find the links, once you have them clicked. Now it is hopefully better.

I have updated the downloadable theme as well, so if you are using it, download and upgrade so you can have better display. I also changed one line in the Theme Switcher code, so the current theme no longer goes out of the submenu.

Please report if you encounter any issue with all this.

Revenge of the Sith

The beginning of the movie was very frightening. The scenes are flat, dialogs amazingly dumb - I can imagine McGregor vomiting after every 3rd cut. Very frightening, felt I. Then Grievous…a robot general that coughs…coughs..? A robot?!

The chit-chat between Anakin and Obi-Van when they return Palpatin safely home was unbearable. Man, I started to feel sorry my ticket money.

But then finally something started to happen. Hayden surprised me and played much more impressive Anakin than he did in the AotC. Step by step he built the tension of Anakin going deeper and deeper into the darkness. The scenes between Anakin and Palpatin (while he was still that) are the absolute highlight of the movie. Ian McDiarmid with his amazingly deep voice (is that his real voice?) really nails it home and while the devastation of the Jedis began, I was sure the film is back on the right track.

Sort of a low point is Anakin’s final surrender to the dark side. I don’t know what I expected…or how it should be…but this somehow did not touch me. It’s sure interesting to note that even so wise Jedi Master as Mace Windu fell under the power of rage and anger…wasn’t that the dark side path?

The double duel is amazing, really amazing. Again, Hayden gives good performance of arrogant, guilty-driven, self-doubting and utterly bitter Vader. In the end, it is a good movie, worth seeing. Just ignore first few dozens of minutes.

And - Natalie Portman…so breath-taking. With that long hair, that is.