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Oh, Canada...

Now, this was fun and not so fun. The teams had different strategies, with BAR and Ferrari on 3 stops and Renault and McLaren on 2 stops. Both Schumacher and Button destroyed their respective team’s strategy with the really bad starts. They should have been in the front, gaining time.

Now, I like Button and was pleased to see him on the pole. He had gearbox problem in the warm-up and that might be the problem with the slow start. I have no idea what could happen with Ferrari, nor do I care, really. Yes, I really dislike him.

After 7 races, it was a time for double DNF for Renault. One is mechanical problem for the really unfortunate Fisico and another was a first driver mistake by Alonso. A mistake he seems to have not been aware of. Something’s wrong with the car said Alonso to the team, with his voice suggesting he had nothing to do with it. :)

I was not cheering particularly, as Alonso is one of the good guys. McLarens were in the front with Montoya looking at his first victory with the new team.

But then Button made the same mistake Alonso did, just worse. He crashed and stopped at the corner, almost on the ideal driving lane. This brought SC to the field, and effectively doing two things: destroyed McLaren’s race as Montoya suffered and helped the Ferrari enormously.

Montoya got the short end of the stick entering second into pit, and could choose to snick out or rejoin last. No one saw the bloody red light - even not the in-place TV commentators who thought that most he will get is drive-through for overtaking. Real shit as he deserved the victory.

Schumacher, being half a minute behind McLarens was now 3s behind them. Again, for hundredth or something time, his lucky charm gave him back what his own mistakes took away. He certainly did not deserve to be on the podium.

The real price of McLaren misfortune in the last race is showing now. Renault was lucky last time and very unlucky now. Kimi had two DNF’s this season while being in the first position, so I could not really consider this to be some sort of the payback.

I have really mixed feelings after this race. It should have been a delightful and long overdue 1-2 for McLaren. Beh…

The Lord of the MotoGP

The Singapore heat is unbearable for me today and it pushed me back to the hotel room for the whole afternoon. Which turned out not that bad, as I had a chance to watch Catalunya MotoGP. First few laps were amazingly exciting, but that’s not I want jiving here about.

It’s Rossi.

The guy is absolutely amazing. He went from 6th to 2nd in one lap and in one moment even 1st in opening laps. He then waited for 16-17 laps, just driving close enough to Gibernau who lead from lap 4. And then Rossi simply exploded, set the 1.5s faster circuit record than Sete’s own from last season and stayed ahead. There was no chance for Sete to even try, he could not get nowhere near to him.

Doctor. The Master of the 2-wheels racing.

It must be really frustrating to everyone else in the field.


I just found out that instead of UK, I’ll be going to Singapore for at least two weeks (business reasons). I don’t know how much free minutes I’ll have, but…

Any tips on what not to miss?

Blog in serbian

I started a blog in Serbian. Pretty much unfinished, but it gives you a sneak peek into the new WP theme I’m preparing. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to download it from here.