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Singapore impressions

I’ve been there for two weeks. There are definitely two dominant impressions you get right at the start. The city is very clean and it’s bloody humid. I mean bloody humid. It’s like metropolis-wide sauna. Thanks to the ocean there is no pollution in the air, something that’s killing me in Belgrade, every time I need to get out or use public transport.

One thing that also astonished me is that every building is air-conditioned to something like 18 degrees. It’s a miracle that you don’t get sick-cold every two days here - it’s 32 Celsius outside and as soon as you step in somewhere it’s 18-20. Do that several times a day (and you almost always have to) and things can get really nasty. Locals does not seem to mind this, but for me and other people from my company (both UK and Serbia) it was hard. Most people brought sweaters to work, because the working rooms are cooled to below 20 while server rooms are even lower, to something like 12-14. Chilling….

US Grand Prix

I don’t know whom exactly would I most happily put to shredder because of the entire mess, but the american public in the grand stands seems like the most likely candidate. Throwing bottles in front of cars running close to 200mph is the stupidest thing possible to do.

It’s 2:40am here in S'pore and I’m going to sleep.

If you want to know what was the problem, take a look at technical analysis on Looking at this, I think that proposed “solutions” from FIA were unrealistic.


…this is great.

So if you say Wow, that DHTML is really neat you’re a bloody wanker, saying We should do this cool AJAX stuff is fine as long as you’re talking to the people with the money bags, but when you address your peers you say I’m having a bit of a problem with this DOM script.

The @media conference in London really sound more than worthwhile to be there and I’ll try my ass off to get there next year.

Things not to do in Singapore

  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes

  • Going for a walk after 10pm to areas without taxi stands

  • Having 20kg over your regular weight and walking half the Orchard Road in the middle of the day

  • Not spending 25 S$ on camera tripod (the level of stupidity realized while looking at wonderful night landscape)

  • Drinking water/any fluid while walking