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Ooooh, yes!

# CSS 2.1 Selector support (child, adjacent, attribute, first-child etc.)

Thus, from IE7 beta 2 (maybe) and IE 7 final (for sure) ADxMenu will work without helper scripts (at least in the standard version). The long walk towards IE6 1% records will then begin.


Off for a short while…I took one week vacation and this second part of it I will be out of Belgrade, meaning away from computer. Read you soon.

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Hockenheim 2005

Bloody hell…if it isn’t a mechanical failure, then it’s a driver error. When it’s not a driver error, it’s a mechanical failure.

Montoya screw it up yesterday, ruining what could be a very nice start of the race, a long overdue 1-2 McLaren start. But he made it up today, driving good and utilizing the car’s speed to the maximum. He made 8 places in first lap which is great by any standard.

Kimi actually never finished this Grand Prix - he always DNFed for one reason or another. And this year, just like two years ago, he was leading the race, no one could touch him, and then the bitter disappointment. Two years ago was the decisive moment when Schumacher went too far ahead to catch him until the end of the calendar and this time is probably the moment when Alonso goes too far ahead…

Especially when having in mind that next race is Hungary GP, the track I personally dislike (practically no overtaking opportunity at all), track where Renault was always good and track where Alonso got his first victory. I would be surprised if he does not win there again.

Race was not very interesting until the last laps when Fisico got close enough to Schumacher for overtaking. M.S. drove great, not letting him pass for several laps, but the lack of grip he experienced combined with ever lighter Renault made his position impossible to defend. The eventual overtake was quite clear, as Schumacher seem to have realized that the game is over.

Williams continues to struggle, while BAR looks back in the business, although I would still wait at least one more race to really say something affirmative about it. Button’s move to Williams seems pretty bad road to take…Williams starts each season with many difficulties, but manages to find its pace somewhere around middle of the season. This year it seems it’s getting worse.

In other news, Minardi is open for selling, but only if clear numbers are presented, Stoddart says. The F1 itself (actually SLEC that controls F1’s commercial rights) seems to be open for selling - again only if good money is put to the table.

PearPC - Mac OS X on PC

I wrote previously about PearPC, great PowerPC emulator. Since then, significant progress has been made. Most importantly, with a little outside help, network access is now possible from inside of Mac to your Windows PC as well as Internet.

PearPC enables Mac OS X on Windows

Also, 0.4pre-release version is available for download from various sites (not from official site) which add significant speed improvements. Look for download links on PearPC portal - I have AMD’s AthlonXP processor thus I’m using Richard Goodwin’s build optimized for it.

My PC is AthlonXP 2500+ with 1GB of RAM. I set 512MB in PearPC config file and Mac is pretty usable with such setup. Speed improvement over 0.2 version I tried earlier is enormous and I dare to say that from this version PearPC is a must for web developers that does not have access to Mac machines. This is as low-cost testing environment as you can get. With multiple installation copies and different config files on one hard disk this opens up many possibilities. Like - you can have Jaguar install (with Safari 1.0), one or two Panthers (with 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Safari versions) and even Tiger (I do not have it, though).

Now, onward with network installation, which can get really nasty and tricky. It took me 3 evenings of trying this and that until I got it working.