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Flickr, please optimize your pages

I’ve been using Flickr for months now. I had no time to create my own photo pages, Flickr was good enough so I went there.

There is one thing that really annoys me with them. They have 16 (sixteen) Javascript files (look the source on this page for example), all loaded inside of HEAD part of the document. If you haven’t read Andy King’s Speed up your site: this means that even with all those files cached in my browser, I need to wait for 16 HTTP requests to complete before I get any content on the page. Andy King has excellent Web Page Analyzer where you can see what is loaded but the real problem here is that all of this is in document’s HEAD.

Flickr, for modem-users sake (like me) please combine those 16 files into one. You can do that. There is no in-page scripts between them, so they don’t need to be separated.

And while you’re at it - please employ HTTP compression as well. Thanks in advance.

Season closure

Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

As typical race as any this season. Fernando getting most of it all, Kimi good but with not the perfect car, Montoya very unfortunate, McLaren fast but not very stable and certainly “charmed” with bad luck, Fisico promising but in the end nothing worth mentioning, Ferrari horrible as in the days before Schumacher.

Interesting season nonetheless, much more exciting then previous ones.

Season 2006

What to expect?

Before this season, McLaren was huge favourite (after winter testing) to win all and now has nothing. Hence I expect nothing and everything. I’m looking forward to new proposed way of qualification, which looks to be more interesting than the actual race. I’m gonna jump on any chance to visit any F1 track again. I’m hoping that Mercedes will develop V8 engine that will not have 40% failure rate.

Wild guesses: Ferrari will not be back in the title race next season. Last season of Michael Schumacher. Renault will fall back behind. Williams should be back in the title race, maybe being the best - only if they finally make a good chassis. Red Bull will stay in the middle, Honda will be on par with Renault and McLaren.