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Arwen believes

It was a gift…Keep it.

Wonderful and very strong scene. Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Evenstar

Awesome Gorillaz

Watching MTVEMA show tonight, I was awestruck with Gorillaz performance. How in the hell they managed to relive the characters on the scene is beyond me. Really stunning work.

Green Day ruled this as well as the Grammy’s. Robbie W is the most annoying person that I adore to see over and over. Lead singer of Pussycat Dolls has a great voice. Shakira is an amazing gift of nature for all the women - this is what men think about when they say “great moves”.

And yes - I think that AliG was out of place. One or two of the jokes were interesting, the rest was really thin. Or maybe I don’t get this kind of humour.

No, you know I can't do that

She smiles. The loveliest view for tired mind, the promise of joys to come. It’s so easy to immerse in it..

Yet, in the back of my mind, an uncertainty is getting its due attention. The invisible wall is erected ever so swiftly after being totally shattered hours ago.

You should just let it go…

… Sorry, it’s one thread I can’t willingly snap.