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How to install Logitech MX900 drivers on Windows 2003

More on the fun world of software companies doing stupid things in its install software. I own Logitech MX900 Bluetooth mouse, which works great. The software that comes on the CD is 1.04, and newest version is 2.22. I was hoping that new drivers would have support for double-click on the wheel (they don’t. suckers.) and wanted to install them on Windows Server 2003 SP1.

That particular version behaves much like XP would - even Media Player 10 is included in this SP1. However, Logitech’s driver install checks for OS version, sees that it is not 2000/XP and quits with message that I should go to Logitech web site and look for appropriate version. Well, I did - and there is nothing for my OS.

Now, the most idiotic part of this is that it does not gives you the option to continue. It should tell me “if you continue you may fuck-up your system and render it useless, do not do this blah blah”…in lawyerish, of course. It does not. So I pay €50+ for this mouse and can’t install driver update? Niiice…way to go Logitech.

Luckily, there’s a workaround. Right click on setup file (setup222enu.exe here), Properties, Compatibility tab, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose “Windows XP”. Ok all. Then start the file, ignore the message about administrator rights (I am installing as administrator, you…) and finish the install. Restart, all is well, drivers installed.

Service Pack saga

I tried last night to install Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003 on my home computer. I did the same thing yesterday in the office - which worked ok - and followed the same procedure at home. Booted into Safe mode and started the install, as upgrade, as I used installation disk of Win2k3 with SP1 already applied.

It first halted while installing devices. It asked to de-install nVidia’s Ethernet drivers (?!), then asked me to confirm installation of ATI Catalyst drivers for primary screen and…stopped. No response for more than 10 minutes. Puzzled, I rebooted the comp and setup restarted, by doing installing devices again. Again it came just after primary display installation and stopped. I left it be - as it has not hanged, just nothing was happening - and after a very long time (could be 20mins, have no idea) it asked me to confirm installation of secondary display (my graphic card has TV output).

Note 1: 20+ fraking minutes?! Why in the hell waits so long to detect something? Why it does not wait 1 minute? If the damn device - any device - does not respond, it should ask me would I like to wait more or ignore it and continue.

After all this has finished, it went to restart…then restarted again…then restarted again…no end.

Note 2: service pack - the very thing that should make Windows work better - fucked itself up! I could not even enter Safe mode. At the moment when BIOS hardware detection finished and when it should start loading Windows, it restarts.

The very same thing happened few months ago when I tried to install SP1 on the office computer, using downloadable SP1 .exe file from MS site. Exactly the same thing and I had to do a repair of entire Windows installation. That’s why I tried with the upgrade thing - which worked in the office. But not at home.

So, what to do now? The only thing I could do is to start repair at home too. However, since I have disks on SATA RAID0 and Windows install do not have drivers for it - I needed to supply those drivers during installation.

Note 3: in the time of flash disks and DVDs, the only medium that Windows install accepts as the source for the drivers is floppy drive. Floppy?! I do not own floppy drive for over one year or something. Bloody idiots - why can’t you accept CD, DVD, USB flash - something not belonging to last century?

So, now I have Windows installation which fucked itself up and gives me no option to repair it because installation procedure do not see any disks in my system. Splendid. This kind of fuckups is the reason why I dislike Windows (and I’m far from alone). Modern operating system should accept modern input devices, not some ancient ones, only because MS thinks it’s not worth the time to add the support for them.

I will borrow the damn floppy from the office and connect it to repair this piece of crap, but this whole unfortunate thing shows how important little details are.

p.s. If you wonder why I even bothered to install it after the first failed attempt…Visual Studio.NET 2005 (or any derivative) will not install on Server2003 unless you have SP1 applied.


The qualifying system for the races in 2006 is going to be very tough to understand

Maybe for you Mr. Mosley…maybe for you.

I stated several times in the past that Mosley and co. are trying hard to kill off F1 as I love it. And now he thinks that one of the most interesting ideas in years is going to be confusing. What the fuck is confusing here:

  • All cars go out in the 1st 15 mins

  • Slowest five are eliminated

  • The remaining cars go out again and run for another 15mins

  • Slowest five are eliminated

  • What’s left of the cars (10 or 12) fight for top positions in the remaining 20mins

Man - this is going to be more interesting than the race itself. Ever since they changed the old format where drivers were fighting until the last few seconds, the Saturday crowd numbers were declining - it was just not interesting with one or two runs. I mostly stopped watching the qualifications in the last two years.

I bet this will bring the people back. Mosley, please kindly keep your nose out of this.