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Nina is a beautiful condensed font from Microsoft, made by Matthew Carter. I discovered it by accident today and it seems that it’s coming with VisualStudio 2005 installation - Pro version, not with free Express editions. Since this font is used on Windows Mobile, it’s probably installed with VS2005 to be used inside its PocketPC emulators.

While the font itself warrants this entry, what really made my day is lucid sample posted on MS Typography site. Instead of generic Lorem Ipsum text, Microsoft people wrote short funny history of how Nina came to be. And then set each paragraph with different font size. Brilliant.

iPhoto 6: party like it's...1996?

To sum up, the “photocasting” feature centers around a single undocumented extension element in a namespace that doesn’t need to be declared. iPhoto 6 doesn’t understand the first thing about HTTP, the first thing about XML, or the first thing about RSS. It ignores features of HTTP that Netscape 4 supported in 1996, and mis-implements features of XML that Microsoft got right in 1997. It ignores 95% of RSS and Atom and gets most of the remaining 5% wrong.

Details in Apple' mailing lists archive (via Tao of Mac)

Man, I really miss Mark’s blog…

Oh, please...

There was no respect in McLaren’s announcement. It was not pleasant at all. There should be more respect in Formula One. Ron Dennis has not won the world title for seven years so now he wants to manufacture good news.

So said Flavio Briatore. Then there is another, from the big mouth of Hans-Joachim Stuck, former F1 driver:

Ron Dennis would sell his grandmother if he could. He does not know the meaning of words such as honour, or conscience.

What a load of bull shit.

Every F1 team boss is constantly trying to lure great drivers into their teams. There are rumours going around that Ferrari is chasing Raikkonen for 2-3 years. Toyota tried the same. There were rumours that Ron Dennis repeatedly contacted M. Schumacher. It goes all the time, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

But what really pissed me off here is that I remember that back in the early 90’s there was a team boss just entering F1, who had great public image - agile, rock&roll, make-it-fun attitude. It was Eddie Jordan, last of the great run of private F1 owners. And at that time he had a contract with young promising driver called Michael Schumacher. The contract was solid, but not solid enough. Using certain legal loopholes, the team boss of then financially very strong Benetton team, managed to snatch M.S. from Eddie’s hands, at the start of the season.

That team boss was Flavio Briatore. The same dumb-ass that now shit-speaks to whoever wants to listen about Alonso-McLaren deal. But unlike the M.S. case back then, Alonso had no contract with Renault beyond 2006 and was free to do anything (read: be snatched by best deal-maker).

Sore looser.

"Get more XX" should open in tab

One of most advertized Firefox features is tabbed browsing. Why then FF opens this annoying new window when you click on Get More Extensions in the Extensions panel, Get More Themes in Themes panel etc?

It should open in current tab (if no URL is opened in it) or new tab (if current tab has some URL loaded, apart from about:blank).