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XP Camping

Am I wrong, or is this the first public beta from Apple?

Even if it is not, I connect Apple with the image of company delivering products that works out of the box and do they job, without beta disclaimer. This is the strange path they took, but understandable. The public interest in the start-XP-on-Mac project was huge; percentage of college freshmans that are considering Mac laptops goes from 27% to 44%. More than enough for Apple to realize the potential and jump in. And they show up in style - not only giving away all the drivers but giving you way to build your own customized XP install CD with the drivers in it. I wonder if Microsoft would consider this illegal. :)

The first real fruits of Intel transition are showing up. If they manage, in Leopard, to allow me to start XP apps or XP environment just like it is possible to start Classic, I’ll go and buy MacBookPro the very same day.

Australia madness

Surprisingly eventful race down under, with 4 SC periods. It was amazing to watch how drivers experienced and novice made error after error, all ending up in spectacular crashes.

Alonso demonstrated relentless Renault pace, not allowing one bit of doubt who will dominate the field. Four times he built the time advantage and four times it was shattered by Safety Car coming out to the field. Fisico was out of the win racing early by stalling on the race start.

IE7 is ADxMenu compatible

It really is.

I just tried latest IE7 beta 2 (so called MIX06 release) and examples work as expected (did not fully tested though, just the basics).

Malasya '06

Renault is very impressive and things already don’t look too good; meaning - it looks like repeat of the last year. Kimi was hit in the first lap by Klien and this was the end of his race. The switch from Sakhir to Sepang ended up in lots of over burned engines so both Williams, Red Bull cars died, plus some others.

Ferrari surprisingly did not order Felipe to let Schumacher through :) and Fisico and Alonso did not even hinted that something like that might happen. It would be shame not to mention BanzaiMan - he managed to pass Liuzzi in that junk of the car that he has. It does not matter that Liuzzi passed him back - Sato still did it. :)

First 1-2 for Renault in 24 years, 100% rightfully won, simply - hats off.