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iTunes love and hate

Ever since I bought iPod Shuffle, I had love and hate relationship with iTunes. One thing that bothers me most is the way it controls the file structure in the music folder. If I let iTunes manage my files, it will create this structure:

Artist \ Album \ xx - Track

While this may seem optimal, it only works for albums made by one artist/band. If I have soundtrack or tribute albums, I want those files to stay together (like in the following example of structure) not spread around 20 or so folders.

[Various ] Album \ xx - Artist - Track

It can have or not have Various at front, I don’t really care. Unfortunatelly, the only way to achieve this is to maintain the stuff manually, which is a pain. I like the fact that, when iTunes have control and I fix the ID tags on some song, iTunes automatically moves the file where it now should be - much better then hand copying.


I started writing this post few months ago, when I switched from desktop computer to notebook/laptop (whatever you wish to call it). I used notebooks from time to time, but this time I’m going full…monty would that be applicable in this case? My old desktop - AthlonXP 2500+, 1GB RAM, SATA RAID0 7200rpm disks, Radeon9800 - is packed and awaits new owner.

This was far from easy decision to make and I thought about it for a very long time. Eventually, I decided that much higher cost of buying powerful laptop vs powerful desktop will be justified with increased versatility and freedom of movement. The laptop was bought in UK and it proved to be a real eye-opener regarding business practice of some of the IT shops in London. A fishy practice.

Sony SZ1XP/C

Sony SZ1XP/C with lid closed…is one very shiny 13.3" with Core Duo 1.83GHz, 1GB of memory, 100GB SATA 5400 disk, all required wireless and Bluetooth, with the choice of two graphics options (Intel GMA950 and nVidia GeForce Go7400), all packed in premium carbon 1.69kg package. Sounds quite amazing and it mostly is. Sony really ticked most of the the right spots with the SZ line.

IE7 bug 2: not defaulting left on abs. positioned elements to 0

I’m not even sure this is a bug. IE5/Mac, IE6 and IE7 does it one way, Firefox, Opera, Safari another. Past experience on such things tells me this is a bug in IE, but it could also be that CSS spec is not specific enough on this issue and that browser makers chose different paths.

Anw, to the issue. Imagine floated element followed by an element which is absolutelly positioned (AP) and have this style applied:



top: 0;

width: 30em;

You see, no left rule. IE will position the left edge of the AP at the point where right edge of the floated element is:

IE rendering of the test case

Opera/Gecko/KHTML will place it at the left:0 of the content area of the parent (which is what I would expect it to do):

Firefox/Safari/Opera rendering of the test case

Applying clear:both to the AP element has no effect, things stays the same. I have seen this behavior in IE6 several times, but I keep forgetting it and it hunts me again along the way, when I least need it. This way, I will probably remember it. I hope some of you might find this useful too.