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iOS bits and pieces


Exhibit A:Apple Hungary site stopped listing Cinema Displays. This is fairly strong Apple store in the region.

Exhibit B: A larger than usual boot taken by Apple at NAB

It’s about time for new displays.

It starts

The first race without M. Schumacher and the F1 continues where it left off in 2005: Raikkonen vs Alonso. Coupled with Massa and Hamilton, this looks to be a battle between McLaren and Ferrari once again. Granted that BMW looks good, I think these two teams will be at the centerpiece of the battle.

Ferrari is, without any doubt, a class of its own at the moment. No one could even come close to Kimi and if it wasn’t for mechanical problems in the second Ferrari, this would’ve been 1-2 for them. Alonso was as good as to be expected but my impression of the day is immensely happy Lewis Hamilton in the 3rd position. Fantastic race debut for him with just two minor mistakes.

A good start of the season, things will only get better.


After my last rant, Larry from Ma.gnolia chimed in, saying that improvements are on the way and indeed they were.

Much better than before

3x less bytes to download, but I believe more importantly - 10 HTTP requests now, 2x less than before. 6kB HTML, only 1 .js file and only 1 .css file. And none of the old functionality is lost. If there is anything lost, I did not use it then.

One could call this perfect. Great work.


I started using several months ago, as I realized that my Firefox bookmarks.html creeps close to 2MB, out of which I regularly use about 50. Rest is just nice to save. I went through several online bookmark managers and chose the flowery site because it has a nice interface and it works just fine. The Mini Ma.rker that you use to add new bookmarks is nicely done.

Apart from the fact that I much too often see this:

Where's my interface dude?

If you can point me to the save button, you’re my hero.