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I have added a new link under About section in the navigation - ‘My photographs’. I have used Flickr in the past (and still visit frequently) but never could get myself to pay for a Pro account. I’m just not into this social networking stuff.

I prefer to keep the photos on my own server. I will be slowly adding more and more photos there. Currently Aleksa rules that space and probably always will :)

Aside from his shots, I uploaded 233 images from our Paris trip in April - hope you like them.

Paris, France

This is an overdue post. Way overdue. I want to do too much things at the same time and usually don’t finish any, on time. Need to chill out a bit.

After quite a bit of fuss to get the visas (getting them from Serbia is getting more and more difficult) Ana and I went to our honeyweek. :) Chosen destination: Paris, France.

My first option was to drive-through Central Europe, visiting Budapest, Prague and Vienna, staying in each for few days and then getting back to Serbia. However, given the fact that Ana was close to 7th month of pregnancy (I’m in for the most interesting and exciting summer of my life ;)) at the time of travel, we changed it to just one city.

Seine, Eiffel tower

I tend to write extended posts whenever I travel, both to help other visitors and to have a reference for myself, during possible future visit. Michael’s post and the comments in it were very helpful - I hope this post will prove just as useful.


Since July 5th, I mostly lost contact with planet Earth. Just when I was picking up the beacon signal back, Ana brought this little boy home. And everything stops when he moves just one of his little fingers. Or yawns. Or eats.

Soundly asleep :)

Both Ana and him are great. It’s a wonderful time.