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Things not to do in shareware software

I think that I have tried 30 or 40 small Mac applications so far, for various purposes. I try out apps by completely switching to it for a period of time. I’m not running it with my existing app. Thus, it must be able to pickup already existing data (the way how it is done is irrelevant) and to have no restriction on usage during that period. Only that way I’ll be able to decide does it fits me and should I buy it or not.

I wrote a bit about it in my first post about switching to Mac and mentioned that some Mac developers have a tendency toward severe limitations in the trial mode. I honestly believe that this is hurting their sales and does not prevent pirating they work.

Examples are various.

The most idiotic design decision in Unix/Mac OS X

If you’re a Windows user: Don’t try moving a folder on top of another with the same name - Mac OS X will replace the entire folder, i.e., it will not merge both folder’s contents and will cause you to lose your data. This is a very significant difference between the Finder and Windows Explorer that catches most people at least once, and is simply a matter of different traditions (plus the UNIX underpinnings of Mac OS X, where things have worked like this from time immemorial). Drag the folder contents, not the folder itself.

Who ever decided folder copy should work like this should be shot dead.

Leopard is the late beta, at best

A fine switch this is…First a fuck-up with the ExpressCard driver, then the intolerable mess of loose threads that iDVD ‘08 is. This is the single most frustrating part of my Mac experience so far.

iDVD does not work. The only way for my MacBook Pro to survive through DVD burning (particularly menu rendering) is to not use background photos or videos on anything but Main menu. At least main menu rendering never failed. So far. It does not matter do you use 6.0 or 7.0 themes, if you max them out with videos and slideshows all over drop zones, this piece of unstable crap will halt entire Mac OS X.

During that, system.log is filled with repeated messages like this:

Dec 11 00:12:03 AV-MBP kernel[0]: NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout!

Dec 11 00:12:03 AV-MBP kernel[0]: NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel exception! status = 0xffff info32 = 0x3 = Fifo: Unknown Method Error

Dec 11 00:12:03 AV-MBP kernel[0]: 0000000``` objective-c

Every 10 seconds. And this on 10.5.1 and iLife 08 with all the updates. The fact that final version of Leopard with one system update already out is still having driver issues is utterly unacceptable.

Just works, my ass.

XSLT processing quirk

This week I encountered, for the second time in recent weeks, a very ugly XSLT quirk. I can’t call it a bug, as I’m relatively new to XSL, but it sure irks me very much. Continue reading, it might save you some sanity.

I must lead you to full page, as the code example can’t feet in the home page space.