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Apple fixes MacBook Pro graphic issues

Last night I installed the 341MB System Update 10.5.2 and then Leopard Graphics update (48MB).

The size of the update re-iterates my belief that Leopard release was rushed with Apple cutting corners wherever it could to get it by end of October. 10.5.1 fixed only the most glaring issues - this looks to be much closer to what final version was supposed to be.

The most important issue fixed (for me) is the severe graphics problems that plagued nVidia 8600-based MBPs (like mine 2.2GHz model). As soon as the update finished installing (graphics update has several restarts during installation) I ran iDVD.

Preview of the 7.0 theme (Revolution) based DVD interface, with videos in the background drop-zone, now works without problems and creating the DVD image also worked.

Now I can finally finish my wedding DVD. :)

Ana I

Ana Ivanović, smiling after losing AO '08
Photo by: Getty Images

She may have lost the title (this time), but have captured the hearts of millions. I have no doubt that this will be the year when she will win at least on of the Grand Slams. If I have to pick, I would choose Wimbledon.

After years and years of great success of the Serbian teams in the group sports, it seems comes a time for the individual achievements. Novak Ɖoković has good chance to win his first Grand Slam, Jelena Janković is always there, two steps from glory and Janko Tipsarević is shaping up into serious contender, after years of stumbling.

This will be a joyous ATP and WTA tour to watch.

DOCTYPE switch, part II

This is going to be one of the most linked to ALA articles and the source of controversy and dicsussion in months (years) to come.

There must have been thunderous complaints that Microsoft received from big enterprise clients. I do not see what else would drive them to look for a solution like this.

I read it twice and still can’t decide is this good or bad. On one hand, it is a way to prevent urgent evening calls from clients that some customers are reporting site is not looking ok. In the past, I frequently stated this is not a problem for me, but I can understand that it is not something everyone would accept.

It saddens me a bit that cleaning up the web will not be a viable future at all. If IE8 has gone fully standard-oriented, I assumed that in 8-10 years majority of web sites on the Internet would be standard-compliant. It might still be that way…

At least the basis (IE8, FF3, Safari 3) would be good.

Dear PayPal, have you heard of Unicode?

PayPal understands only Latin1?

“ć” is letter. Maybe not in Latin1, but certainly is in Unicode.

This is far from first time that I have issues like this. I recently bought the promo bundle on and entered the same letter in my last name, which gave me 12 serial numbers based on “Aleksandar Vacić” because it converted the letter into HTML entity.

To PayPal’s credit, at least they don’t allow this to happen so I don’t have to see a display as ugly as this:

With compliments from

This also happened when I bought TopStyle Pro few years ago, through eSellerate.

What is it with these web sites?

Are they all based on decade old code snippets, before the wide spread use of Unicode and UTF-8? How can any current website allows itself the luxury of not using Unicode, in this era of globalization?

Amateurish, to put it mildly.