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Rounded form buttons

To be precise, the submit buttons: input type="submit". Very often designers want to somehow emphasize these buttons and are not very pleased with an answer “well, how about bold and colored caption?” :)

Recently, at the office, I had client request to create a design like this:

The HTML I had already was like this:

<div class="buttons">
<input type="submit" value="Continue →" />
<span class="lesserbtn">
<input type="submit" value="Cancel" />

There was no chance to change this into anything drastically different as bunch of server-side code depended on form submit buttons being input elements. Thus, I went with this code and looked for CSS solutions.

One really helpful fact was that all captions were one line of code. Thus, I was able to use one long image with rounded corners. I had two nested elements as well, which is enough to get the design up.

Make your own UB7: Apple iPhone headphones + ER6i buds

Ultimate Buds is company with an interesting business model: instead of making their own buds – and thus invest a lot of money on R&D – they combine existing hi-class headphones with Apple’s stock iPhone headphones. They pick the cable with mic/skip switch from Apple and sound drivers from the well respected headphones.

The most known product is headphones - UB7. They combine Apple’s cable with ER6i from Etymotic Research.

Which (ER6i) I happen to already have. I also have an iPhone and the stock headphones. I always hated the lousy ER6i cable, but the noise isolation and sound quality is so fantastic that I put up with it. From UB’s approach it’s obvious that the combination is doable and last weekend JeffB’s Flickr photo set gave me enough incentive to try it out.

The biggest benefit of this little exercise is that I now have fantastic buds combined with the best thing that Apple did on their headphones – exquisitely small microphone / switch white thingie. It’s used to answer a call, talk through it, pause or skip a song while playing. Brilliant and very well working.

The end result

JeffB on Flickr

The Empress

She’s Grand Slam winner and world No.1 player.

Wimbledon, here she comes.

Small update for ADxMenu

I implemented the latest version of the ADxMenu script in company’s web sites and found a problem. I use the full version of DOMLoaded.js script for those websites and ADxMenu.js internally uses just the IE part of the same script.

When loaded both, they collide and ADxMenu’s Setup() is never called.

I have recoded this so that my script is now completely independent of anything else on the page. Everything is up, so you can re-download the script and use it.

p.s. This is 300th post on my blog. I find it nice that it’s ADxMenu themed.