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Moved to new domain

This domain used to reside on the domain. .yu domain belonged to former Yugoslavia, which has died, despite the futile attempts to keep whatever is left of it under the same name.

With it, the TLD is on its way out and the new Serbian domain is .rs

Thus this blog and all its auxiliary content is now under web address. All the links pointing to old web site will get R=301 message and will hopefully soon be pointing to new addresses.

Upgrading Wordpress, the *nix way

I always forget the set of command line stuff I need to do when new version of WP is out. And always waste time figuring out what to do and which switches tar and cp needs. So, this is a reminder for the future.

gzip -d latest.tar.gz
tar -xvf latest.tar
cp -r wordpress/* SITE/wordpress

That should do it. Now off to upgrade rest of the blogs.

Replace SITE/wordpress with correct path for your installation.

Adobe's registration problems

I tried to register on Adobe’s site to download trial version of Fireworks CS4. I tried several times, from two computers and networks, with few of my email addresses. In all cases I got this:

The data entered is correct. Error message is far from helpful and tells me nothing useful. Sending web site feedback also yields nothing, as they don’t answer it.

Jolly. :(