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Upgrading Wordpress, the *nix way

I always forget the set of command line stuff I need to do when new version of WP is out. And always waste time figuring out what to do and which switches tar and cp needs. So, this is a reminder for the future.

gzip -d latest.tar.gz
tar -xvf latest.tar
cp -r wordpress/* SITE/wordpress

That should do it. Now off to upgrade rest of the blogs.

Replace SITE/wordpress with correct path for your installation.

Adobe's registration problems

I tried to register on Adobe’s site to download trial version of Fireworks CS4. I tried several times, from two computers and networks, with few of my email addresses. In all cases I got this:

The data entered is correct. Error message is far from helpful and tells me nothing useful. Sending web site feedback also yields nothing, as they don’t answer it.

Jolly. :(

Rounded form buttons

To be precise, the submit buttons: input type="submit". Very often designers want to somehow emphasize these buttons and are not very pleased with an answer “well, how about bold and colored caption?” :)

Recently, at the office, I had client request to create a design like this:

The HTML I had already was like this:

<div class="buttons">
<input type="submit" value="Continue →" />
<span class="lesserbtn">
<input type="submit" value="Cancel" />

There was no chance to change this into anything drastically different as bunch of server-side code depended on form submit buttons being input elements. Thus, I went with this code and looked for CSS solutions.

One really helpful fact was that all captions were one line of code. Thus, I was able to use one long image with rounded corners. I had two nested elements as well, which is enough to get the design up.