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IE8 beta2 considered harmful

I was notified that ADxMenu does not work in IE8 beta2. Apparently, it suffers from several CSS bugs that are triggered by my menu. Nothing to actually do about it, only hope that Microsoft developers will fix these soon.

These bugs are introduced in the beta2, as the menu was working fine with beta1. New IE engine’s growing hickups, I guess.

Update: Microsoft developers fixed this in IE8. My menu is working just fine there.

Better, more powerful Wordpress content management

First I started using categories as tags. Then got too many categories to be manageable. Then I converted them all to tags using converter from WP, which fucked up the categories. Then I got all those back to categories, which fucked up the tags.

I then tried to find a plugin that will help me deal with that mess and found none. There were few for older versions, but the ever changing WP internal structure that got more and more complex with each version forced those developers to give up.

So I did it manually. Deleted everything I did not want as category and thus ended up with 100+ posts in General category. Then one by one I assigned them to appropriate categories. Sucks, but it was the only thing that worked.

Does it really must be like this?

I did try to do it directly in the database. No way in hell. Posts are posts but are also pages. And maybe one more thing, not sure. Categories are not property of the posts or vice versa - instead they form a taxonomy. Which can be multiples for one cat/post pair. Each update is new taxonomy, you see. Really useful. And taxonomy is then one part of relationships table. The other part is object_id. Quite explanatory. You see object_id is …

Bah. I probably got half of the previous paragraph wrong. I can understand why no one wants to write a plugin that deals with that mess. I do hope Automattic has some sort of database re-factoring planned along the way. Otherwise this thing will self implode.

The best season ending ever

Last year, Lewis Hamilton fucked up 17pts lead in the last two races. This year, he had 7pts over Massa and up until 2 laps from the end he looked to be the champion.

Then Vettel passed him and Hamilton did not have any chance to catch him. No chance at all and I was watching in horror how McLaren was going to lose the title again, at the end. I was so horrified that I did not even see that both of them passed Glock two corners from the end. Glock stayed on dry tyres while the rain fell and he barely kept the car - he was 1:44 in the last lap to Hamilton’s 1:24. Gamble from Toyota team that nearly gave them 4th place. Gamble of Toyota team that nearly destroyed McLaren’s year.

Lewis Hamilton wins the title!

I don’t think there was ever a championship decider like this. Man, I still can’t believe what happened. Absolutely amazing, thrilling, fabulous.

McLaren has the Champion, after so many, many years that I lost count. It’s time to celebrate.