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Influence of number of downloads to search ranking on App Store

Currency converter niche on the App Store is terribly crowded space. When you search for currency on the App Store, you get 2200+ results. Searching for currency converter gives you 840 results. My currency converter app - Banca - was ranked around 35-40th position when using these keywords, which is next to infinity in current cards-layout of the search results in the App Store app. Up to this point, Banca had 140k downloads (it’s on the store for two years).

Thus on January 17th, I organized a promotion where Banca would be free and I aimed to get as high number of downloads as I can in a short space of time. I wanted to see how much I can move that needle.

Results are not spectacular, but are still significant enough.

Allow landscape in portrait-only iPhone app, in iOS 7

While working on Banca 4.1, I needed to allow landscape orientation for the demo video, while still keeping the rest of the app portraint-only. I knew that iOS 7 has changed the way orientation is handled and after some searching and trying few tricks, I compiled the solution.

It’s suprisingly easy.

State restoration for modal view controllers

In my first post about state restoration on iOS 6 (or newer), I explained how you should use restorationIdentifier for the view controllers that are part of the on-load UI (and thus created in AppDelegate) and restorationClass to create and return controllers which are deeper in navigation stack.

If you do that, UIKit will take care of restoring the UITabBarController and UINavigationController and you just deal with view controllers beyond the topViewController inside the navigation controller hierarchy.

That’s still a good general guideline. However, as is usually the case, there are exceptions.