Most of the stuff here is made as separate files, meaning they do not include the site layout, but are self-contained examples. I have redone all the old examples into this format, to remove the extraneous information. If you spot a problem with any of these, please let me know.


Effect of z-index value to positioned elements

A-must-read for web standards newcomers, this is a comprehensive explanation that would help you fight your way through the mess of bugs in Internet Explorer (both 6 and 7).

CSS goodies

Rounded form buttons

An easy way to create flexible rounded submit buttons for forms.

Tabbed navigation

Overlapping windows

An out-of-the-box tabs: each item visually overlaps with its neighbours, thus making it hard to create rollovers.

Nested tabs, two-level navigation

This was originally done as response to a CSS challenge. I have used it quite a few times since then, with very nice results. Currently in use as the main navigation of this site.

Slanted tabs + regular tabs, with variable height

This is a set of regular tabs, combined with raised slanted tabs, thus having to deal with tabs of variable height but keeping them all on the same baseline.


em-based typographic grid

The CSS and HTML for the creation of typographically correct grid-based designs. Bread and butter.

Centered frame layout

Simple layout that imitates frames, created for the HTML interface of CD/DVD publication.

Relaxed dead centre layout

Great thing for the splash screen, independent of the screen size, as it uses all it can, even 100% of the window if the content can't fit.