Downloadable goodies

Always when I'm really using an application or software platform/framework, I love to get my hands dirty and do something unusual. These are some of the results that you might find useful.



While not identical to my current blog design, the aplus theme keeps all the good stuff. Current version is 1.2, where colours and images better fit with overal theme style.

aplus theme- GPL license


This theme uses both Time Since and Time of Day plugins, which originated from Dunstan Orchard's idea. Time since has several incarnations on the Net, and this is the version that works for me.

Time since plugin

I had to change Theme Switcher plugin slightly, so that current theme does not goes out of the menu background.

Theme switcher plugin


Just one at the moment: Serbian Latin translation (updated June 19th, 2007).

MovieCollector templates

See the how-to apply page on the web site (as well as a list of other templates).

Sites & proof of concepts

These are all Public Domain now, use as you wish, where you wish to.